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Power: Pneumatic Trademark: BIOBASE
Transport Package: Wooden Specification: Carton package
Origin: China

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Microwave sterilization drying equipment is a new type of highefficiency drying equipment. It has the functions of fixation, drying, terilizing, killing insects, baking, puffing, heating, unfreeze etc. The microwave directly acts on the material itself, material inside and outside be heated at the same time, no heat loss, continuous Production, high efficiency Bean microwave drying machine can be widely used in metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food,wood and other fields .


1, microwave centralized heating (concentrate fast, ensure that 3 hours after heating is consumed, in line with fast food delivery requirements
2. Fully introduce the concept of environmental protection.
3, microwave nutrition fast food business activities, thereby improving the fast food industry industrialization, standardization process, pay attention to science, ratio, diet; reduce blind consumption, save consumer spending; reach the fast food industry's nutrition, health, speed and social and economic development level adapt.
4.Regardless of environmental protection, health, health, economic rationality, food safety and social civilization progress, the production and supply of nutrients, standard fast food, the use of microwave equipment to heat the box lunch has a positive significance.

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